School Training

School Training

1.Communicative English

Communication skills are essential for the successful future career of a student. In today’s competitive world, communication skills in business are the most sought after quality of an educated person. Reading, writing and listening carefully are the three most important communication skills for students. These skills like most of the communication skills sounds too familiar as a result of which we take them for granted.By infusing a healthy feeling of competition and curiosity in students, it would become possible to develop communication skills for students.

2.Faculty Development Programme

Best way of making students to communicate in english is to take their regular classes in english. But  with our research we got a truth that 80% of the faculties have die hard situation in communicating as well as taking classes in English. So we have come here with a solution, to give  Faculty Development Programme for schools which will enhance their communication ability in plain sailing way. We put forward our modules which the same as above tabular.


3.Speed Math

Today’s schoolers find mathematics as one of the hurdles in their education. On a research taken, we found that 70% of them feels difficult in basic operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. To Surpass this obstacle you need to follow different method than the usual method.  

The easier the method you use to solve a problem, the faster you will solve it and there is less chance of making a mistake. The more complicated the method you use, the longer you take to solve it and greater the chance of making a mistake.

4.Psychometric Analysis

   Psychometric Analysis can be applied to improve or validate almost any instrument that measures human behavior, performance attitudes, abilities, or personality traits. Psychometric analysis is essential when an instrument produces a score that is used for high stakes decisions in organizations, such as hiring, performance review, assessment of potential, culture audits or management effectiveness.

5.Career Guidance Programme

Career planning is a deliberate process of knowing WHO you are so that you can be sure of WHERE you want to go or WHAT you want to be at some defined point in the future.

This programme spotlights on identifying one’s Strength, Potential, one’s area of interest and personal qualities.This programme outfits the intensive career guidance and counselling is done to aid the student in making effective and informed career choices

6.OutBound Training

In a world which is filled with computers, mobile and other social networks. The budding stage of children plays a vital role in their personal development.We provide a longshot to break their shell and bring them to the outer world which is real.

The outdoor experience is a key condition for out-of-door activities to become learning experiences. The unfamiliar surrounding, facilitates young buds in developing new panorama about themselves, others and their normal environments.