In-House Training

In-House Training

1.Communicative English

To understand basic, spoken English, practice English in daily interactions, write in English for basic documentations and to master and exercise domain- specific terms.

2.Speed Math

Today’s schoolers find mathematics as one of the hurdles in their education. On a research taken, we found that 70% of them feels difficult in basic operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. To Surpass this obstacle you need to follow different method than the usual method.  

The easier the method you use to solve a problem, the faster you will solve it and there is less chance of making a mistake. The more complicated the method you use, the longer you take to solve it and greater the chance of making a mistake.

Here, you would learn many interesting maths shortcuts that will help you master basic tasks like multiplication, division, squaring of number, etc.,

3.Psychometric Analysis

A psychometric test measures more than just self-perception, it measures actual behaviour, because what people actually do is more important than what they say, or think, they do.And it compares those behaviours with others, to give a real indication of an individual’s abilities, strengths, weaknesses and behaviours.

4.Career Guidance

Charting a clear career path for the students.On limelighting the career front and motivation bias to delve into career process on the basis of guideline provided.A person is happy when he does what he loves. Eg. chooses a course/job of liking.Before making a career choice, take time to understand yourself, your likes and preferences.

Ambition can neither be injected nor be imitated.

5.Competitive Exams

6.Arrear Training


From teachers, examiners, parents to professionals – all seem to be saying the same thing: ‘Handwritings are becoming more and more illegible by the day.When we think of the quality of handwriting that was the norm during the days of our grandparents and even our parents, who were not so accustomed to or dependent on computers that necessitate typing, or Email, or Mobile Phones, we marvel at how much, and how beautifully, they wrote! Today, we have to send our literate children to special classes, just to learn how to write.This just shows that we still value ‘hand’writing; it is not ‘out of fashion’. The reason why we send children to extra classes, to learn and try to master the art. To add to it, we teach them, to improve on handwriting.

8.Arts & Crafts

9.Summer package